Min Kim, Founder & CEO

Min Kim, the founder of RK College Consulting, received her B.A. degree from Columbia University with a full scholarship.

Since then, with the know-how from her own experience of getting multiple admissions to Ivy League universities and music colleges such as The Juilliard School and receiving a full need-based scholarship at Columbia University as an international student, she has been helping numerous students to get admitted to their dream colleges and receive scholarships. She also has been serving as an interviewer for admission interviews for Columbia University as a member of the Alumni Representative Committee. 

After she graduated from Columbia, Min worked as an investment banker on Wall Street for 4 years, but she decided to follow her passion to become a full-time college admissions consultant and found RK College Consulting LLC in Washington DC, with the full support from her wonderful husband, Ryan, who is an Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins University.


Our firm was established because we saw:


students with good SAT scores and GPA did not get into their target schools;

students did not dream of Ivy League due to the expensive tuition;

talented students were not informed about special double degree programs;

international students felt disadvantaged in college admissions and financial aid.


And we believe these should not happen.

We firmly believe that no student should be turned down because they don’t have the right strategies. All students should be able to attend the university they deserve.

Our mission is to enable our students to:

have the best-customized strategies that will get them into their reach schools;

receive scholarships or financial aid that meet 100% of their needs from top universities;

do special double-degree programs such as Columbia-Juilliard Joint Program if it suits the student's talents;

attend their dream schools and receive the financial aid they deserve no matter what citizenship they have.


In order to achieve this mission, our research team conducts extensive data analysis to help our students not to miss out on any opportunities and achieve the best possible admission results. In order to give only the tested and confirmed strategies and guidance, we hire only the consultants who themselves have gone through the process successfully getting into the top universities and receiving the scholarships.

Additionally, RK College Consulting is founded in Washington DC, but we aim to serve our students nationwide no matter where they live, so you can still receive our services virtually if you are located outside of Washington DC.  

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